Chris is a hiker who was stranded in the woods for a few months before being found.


While attempting to find Nine Mile Falls, Chris and his wife and daughter were stranded when their car broke down. Chris left his wife and daughter in the car while he went to get help. He wandered around in the desert for weeks before he was found nearly dead and severely dehydrated.

He was airlifted to the ER, where he was discovered to have a build up of fluid by his kidney. He was rushed to CT. He panicked and said that he needed to get back out into the desert to look for his family, his wife and his six year old daughter, Lily. Meredith had to hold him down during his CT, which revealed a severe infection and abscess, so he was rushed to surgery. After they removed his kidney so they could treat it and transplant it back into his body, he went into cardiogenic shock caused by a failed mitral valve due to endocarditis. The kidney was briefly lost in the rush to treat his heart. It was eventually located and was able to be autotransplanted back into his body.

When he woke up after surgery, he was unresponsive, so Owen called a neuro consult. When Derek examined him, he told Derek that he just wanted to sleep because he believed his family was dead and he could see them when he slept. He asks Derek to give him something to help him sleep.

Later, Owen confronted him because he was refusing his IV fluids, which he needed to recover. Owen said he survived that long for a reason. Chris then remarked that he was finally asleep because he could see his family. Then his wife and daughter entered the room. His wife told him that they had been found the next day, but they hadn't found him and had believed that he was dead.



He is married.


He has one daughter, Lily. When he believed that Lily was out missing in the desert all alone, he was determined to go back out to look for her, despite being severely injured himself. When he was reunited with his daughter, she was very excited to see him.

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • He believed that he had only been in the desert for three to four days, but Meredith estimated that he'd been out there at least a month or two.
  • He was found at Saddle Mountain, more than 100 miles from where he started.


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