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Charlie Yost or Really Old Guy was an elderly patient in a semi-comatose state at Seattle Grace.



Shortly after Izzie quit after Denny died, the interns left the normal dining area to dine in Charlie Yost's room. ("Let the Angels Commit")

Charlie had come into the hospital after a fall and had surgery and didn't wake up afterward. He received dialysis three times a week and got daily labs. ("Let the Truth Sting")


After months dining in his room, Izzie was shocked to discover he had woken up but he soon revealed that he only woke up so he could die. He started tearing cords out of the wall and unhooking the mechanisms that were keeping him alive. He stopped breathing, but Izzie was able to revive him, much to his chagrin.


Really old guy in his coma.

In between trying to end the suffering, he gave Izzie some advice. Charlie said if somebody really wanted to do something, then they'd do it — he'd die if he wanted to, in other words, while George wasn't leaving Callie (he knew about the love triangle while semi-conscious in his coma).

Later, Charlie checked out of Seattle Grace. He was all dressed up and ready to go in his wheelchair. That's when he died peacefully. Izzie brought everybody in so they could have a mini-memorial for him. After the surgeons each said some nice words, Izzie spoke about how Charlie was a bastard, but a bastard who knew what he wanted and didn't stop until he got it (Izzie was hinting to George when she said it). ("Let the Truth Sting")

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • Meredith was known to him as the doctor always running hot and cold with the brain surgeon, Alex was in love with a patient, and Izzie (whom he called "Blondie") was in love with George, who was married. ("Let the Truth Sting")
  • He was 82 years old when he died. ("Let the Truth Sting")
  • He was semi-comatose for 352 days. ("Let the Truth Sting")
  • He wanted his final meal to be lobster. ("Let the Truth Sting")
  • At his memorial, George said he didn't snore too loudly, Meredith said he didn't complain and always took his meds, Alex said he hardly ever farted and he had 12 surgeries that year and survived all of them, Cristina said he was good practice for her, and Izzie said he was a bastard, but a bastard who knew what he wanted. ("Let the Truth Sting")



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