Charlie Connor is a patient who came in to have his skull reconstructed after a roofing accident.


Roof AccidentEdit

Charlie fell off his roof while trying to repair it. They had to remove part of his skull due to swelling in his brain.

Skull RepairEdit

Six months after his accident, Charlie had a skull bone defect that developed because of his missing skull portion. They created a titanium plate to replace the missing skull bone and then Mark planned to take fat from his belly to mold his face back into its previous shape. Charlie was very fascinated in the hardware of the procedure and suggested that they just do it in his garage instead as he had the equipment they needed.

The surgery went well and Charlie was looking forward to getting back on the ladder. His wife told him that he was clumsy and she didn't want him to keep working on the house even though he loves it because she didn't want to lose him.



He is married to Liz Connor.

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • He was 37 at the time of his cranioplasty.
  • Charlie is the last patient to be treated by Lexie on screen.

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