Brie is a patient at Seattle Grace Mercy West Hospital who went into liver failure while she was pregnant.


Brie, who was pregnant, came into the hospital with severe abdominal pain. Meredith determined that she was definitely not in labor and the baby was stable. Labs revealed that she was in liver failure. Heidi, her wife, was advised that without a transplant, Brie's liver might not last 72 hours. She was immediately put on the transplant list.

A liver became available and Meredith Grey and Shane Ross went to retrieve it. While retrieving it, Shane accidentally cut the hepatic artery and the hilum, rendering it useless for transplant. Brie was returned to the transplant list and Heidi was advised that if things got worse, they might have to perform a C-section to deliver the baby.

A second liver became available, but a mass was discovered. They had it biopsied and it was thankfully benign, so the transplant went on as planned following the c-section delivery of the baby.



She is married to Heidi. They have one child.


While she was waiting for her liver transplant, her first child was delivered via c-section.

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • According to Heidi, Brie is the quiet one.