Brian came into the ER with Tracey Mitchell after she had a stroke while they were having sex.


While he was having sex with Tracey, she had a stroke. He accompanied her to the ER and wondered if anything he had done had caused the stroke. After he was told that Tracey would be okay, he asked Drs. Pierce and Shepherd if he should stick around, because he liked Tracey before she had the stroke. Pierce said she’d think it’s sweet, but Amelia said that she was the kind of girl who did what Tracey had done and advised him to leave. He then asked for her number and was told to leave.



He slept with Tracey Mitchell, whom he had met at the gym. While they were having sex, she had a stroke. He was unsure if he should stick around after he heard she was going to be okay, because he liked her and wanted to ask her out on a date. After speaking with the doctors about it, he left.