Brenda is one of the friends of Kim Welles.


Brenda the ER with her friends, Talia and Kim Welles. Kim was experiencing severe stomach pain. Her friends believed she was just drunk or that she had been drugged. However, after they relayed the events of their day, April Kepner determined that one of the drinks she'd consumed, a smoking nipple, which contained liquid nitrogen, had caused an abdominal rupture. Kim was taken into surgery, where April performed a roux-en-y anastomosis to remove her stomach and attach her intestine directly to her esophagus.



She is friends with Kim Welles and Talia. When Kim had abdominal pain after a night of drinking, the three of them went together to the ER. However, Talia and Brenda were more concerned with whether Kim would be able to go drinking with them again than if she would be okay.

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