Billy Douglas is Charlotte King's ex-husband.


Cheating on CharlotteEdit

Billy slept with Tiffany in order to check if his lack of interest in Charlotte was because of Charlotte or because he was gay. She walked in on them having sex and injured her head leaving, which led to her narcotic addiction. ("If I Hadn't Forgotten...")

Visit From CooperEdit

Wanting to know why Charlotte was still holding onto a picture of Billy, Cooper went to see him because he wanted to know why Billy had cheated on her. He then brought Billy back to the practice to talk to Charlotte. He confessed to Charlotte that he figured out he was gay, which caused her to tell him to leave and never come back.

Charlotte later went to see him at work and asked why he didn't tell her he was gay. He said he thought she was the problem and wanted to see if he felt the same way about other women. He said she was amazing and it was nothing she did. ("What We Have Here...")



Charlotte KingEdit

Not much is known about him except that Charlotte and Billy had a fairy tale romance. ("The Hard Part") He then cheated on her and they got a divorce. Charlotte said that she doesn't know what would have happened if she had stayed and if her personality would be different. He later told her he cheated on her because he was trying to see if he was gay or not. He realized he was. He cheated on her to figure out if it was just Charlotte or all women he was not attracted to. ("What We Have Here...")


He works as a mechanic. ("What We Have Here...")



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