Betty Kenner was a patient at Seattle Grace Hospital. After a crash, a head injury caused her memory to reset every 30 seconds.


While on the way to the Fire and Ice Ball, Betty, Sarabeth, and Anna were in a car accident. Sarabeth drove them to the hospital in the wrecked limo after the extracted their driver from the window.

Betty was confused when they arrived at the hospital. She kept asking what had happened, even after being told several times. Betty was taken for a CT which showed a subdural hematoma. They scheduled surgery to relieve the pressure. ("Dream a Little Dream of Me, Part 1")

Derek relieved the pressure and hoped that would restore her memory. After she woke up, her memory was still resetting every 30 seconds. ("Dream a Little Dream of Me, Part 2")



The girls described themselves as the happiest married people alive except when their husbands smoked. Unfortunately, after the crash, her husband Vincent Kenner died.


Her best friends in life were Sarabeth Breyers and Anna Loomis.



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