Ben Bosco is a patient at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital.


Diagnosis and Lifestyle ChangesEdit

When he was diagnosed with an inoperable AVM, he and his wife quit their jobs, cashed out all their accounts, and started traveling around the world. His doctors tried multiple treatment options, but nothing worked.

Ankle InjuryEdit

Ben came into the GSM ER with an ankle fracture which he got on a moving walkway at an airport. He and his wife were running to catch their connecting flight to Alaska to see the northern lights. When running tests for the ankle, Stephanie discovered that he had a large AVM. Cristina offered to help Stephanie break the news to Ben, but when they told him, they discovered that he already knew about it.

Embolization SurgeryEdit

Using an idea he got from Derek Shepherd, Shane went to Cristina and asked about using embolization glue for Ben’s AVM. She said she never heard of it being used for cardiac AVMs, which are much larger than neuro AVMs. Shane asks if that means it can’t be done. She counters that it would take a lot of glue.

When Cristina and Shane present the plan to the Boscos, they are disappointed because they’ve spent a massive amount of money on their traveling and frivolous living, intending for his life insurance money to pay it. They seem intrigued when Cristina mentions that he might die in the surgery.

After the surgery was successful, they cried about how they might go to jail because of what they did, but agreed that they would take care of it together.



Joyce BoscoEdit

Ben is married to Joyce Bosco, who stood by him after he was diagnosed with an arteriovenous malformation.

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • His travels with Joyce included Morocco, India, and a tour through Europe.

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