Becca McMurdo is a patient at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital who participated in Derek and Callie's brain mapping trial.


Brain Mapping TrialEdit

After testing all the equipment, they tried again with Becca, asking her to move the fingers of a robotic hand with her mind, but were still unsuccessful, leading them to understand that the problem was with Becca herself. While she was trying, her husband, John, encouraged her, but eventually left to get food so he wouldn't distract her.

While they were trying again, John reentered with a bag of chips and Becca yelled at him. He left again and Becca broke down about how she hates that she yells at him. He does everything for her and she signed up for the trial so she could do one thing for him, but she felt like she had failed because she couldn’t move the hand and she didn't want to go forward. Callie asked if she wanted to schedule surgery to remove the equipment, but Derek was reluctant to agree.

After figuring out that her lack of success was due to a mental block because she was thinking too hard about the individual movements, they asked her husband to stand in front of the hand and told Becca to think about what she wants to say to John. When she did so, she was able to move the hand up to touch John, bringing the whole room to tears.



John McMurdoEdit

Becca's husband, John, was her primary caretaker. Because he had done for much for her, she decided to do the trial so she could do something for him. She felt bad because she kept getting frustrated and taking it out on her husband. When she was finally able to move the hand to touch John, they both cried because they never thought she'd be able to touch him again.

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