8x13-34 This article is based off the alternate universe episode!

As such, details on the page may conflict with information from the regular storyline.

Barry Taylor was in the hospital to have a whipple to treat his pancreatic cancer.


Barry had advanced pancreatic cancer. Bailey planned to perform a whipple on him. However, Ellis took over the case as an opportunity to show off her technique. However, she ignored the fact that Barry had deep vein thrombosis, meaning that his iliac veins were not suitable for grafting. She had to cut into his neck to graft his renal vein instead. As he went to retrieve the graft, Alex was splattered with blood and noted that he may have nicked the carotid artery. Ellis was able to finish the surgery successfully despite her embarrassment.



He is married to Jill Taylor. He and his wife were both confused as to the change of surgeon when Ellis took over the case from Bailey.

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • He was 47 at the time of his whipple.

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