Anna Wilder is the now deceased wife of Pete Wilder.



Anna went to bed as normal on a Tuesday night and didn't wake up on Wednesday. ("In Which Addison Finds the Magic")

Post-Mortem HistoryEdit

After Anna died, Pete struggled to reconcile his feelings regarding their marriage.

Under instruction from Violet, Pete visited her grave on the anniversary of her death. He told her she was a crappy wife and he hated her. He later told her he was sorry he wasn't able to save her. ("In Which Addison Finds the Magic")



Anna married Pete but died in 2001 at the age of forty. Pete's relationship with his wife is somewhat mysterious and he appears reluctant to discuss their marriage.

Pete stayed in an unhappy marriage because his wife was sick and that they were unable to make the marriage work. When he went to bed with his wife on a Tuesday night and when he awoke the following Wednesday morning she was dead. He further stated that no night was perfect during their marriage, not even their wedding night.

During a second visit to his wife's grave, Pete unleashed his pent-up anger to his wife's headstone. After stating that Anna was "a mean, cold bitch" and that he hated her, Pete softened and apologized for not being able to save her. ("In Which Addison Finds the Magic")

Pete later revealed to Violet that at the time of Anna's death they had been trying to conceive a child. ("In Which Sam Gets Taken for a Ride")

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • Anna smoked.
  • She drank all the orange juice.[1]
  • She hogged the covers.[2]
  • She and Pete had a dog that she had put to sleep.[3]


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