Anna Loomis was a patient at Seattle Grace Hospital. She sustained no serious injuries from her car accident.


While on the way to the Fire and Ice Ball, Anna, Sarabeth, and Betty were in a car accident. Sarabeth drove them to the hospital in the wrecked limo after the extracted their driver from the window.

Anna had a cut on her arm, but was otherwise okay. Meredith stitched up the cut.

When they heard that their husbands were being taken to Mercy West, they insisted they be brought to Seattle Grace instead. Anna's husband, Phillip, was paralyzed due a spinal injury, but she asked them to try everything because he has grandkids. ("Dream a Little Dream of Me, Part 1")

They used therapeutic hypothermia to treat him and afterward, he was able to move his toes. ("Dream a Little Dream of Me, Part 2")



The girls described themselves as the happiest married people alive except when their husbands smoked. Anna married Phillip Loomis, but had an affair with Sarabeth's husband, Michael Breyers. When Anna came clean, Sarabeth soon forgave Michael and Anna.


Her best friends in life were Sarabeth Breyers and Betty Kenner. She and Sarabeth had been friends since they were little kids.



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