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Andrew Perkins
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Trauma Counselor/Attending Psychiatrist

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With You I'm Born Again

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Unaccompanied Minor


GA: 7

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James Tupper


Andrew Perkins is a trauma counselor who was brought to Seattle Grace Mercy West Hospital following the hospital shooting near the end of the 2009-2010 residency year.



Dating TeddyEdit

He dated Teddy.

Move to GermanyEdit



While he was at Seattle Grace Mercy West Hospital, he had a brief relationship with Teddy Altman. They met in the cafeteria, which meant it wasn't a conflict of interest for him. They dated for some time, and he eventually asked her to come with him to Germany when he was offered a position at Landstuhl Regional Medical Center. Their relationship ended when she chose to remain in Seattle with Henry Burton.


Meredith GreyEdit

Meredith initially had a contentious relationship with him as he would not clear Meredith for surgery upon her return to Seattle Grace Mercy West Hospital. Meredith believed that he was negligent in clearing other staff, especially Meredith's husband, Dr. Derek Shepherd. Despite Meredith's feigned attempts at remorse or distress, he continue to deny Meredith's return to surgery as he believed that Meredith was not being honest with him. It wasn't until Meredith revealed her miscarriage that he cleared her, and Meredith no longer begrudged him.

Mark SloanEdit

When he cleared Dr. Lexie Grey for surgery, Mark vehemently disagreed as he interrupted a session with Dr. Alex Karev. Mark yelled at him due the circumstances that led to Lexie's psychiatric-hold and that clearing Lexie was a mistake. Calmly, he responded that Lexie's psychotic-break was due to sleep deprivation and she no longer posed a danger to herself or anyone else around her. Mark accepted this explanation and backed off without further incident.

Richard WebberEdit

Richard held him up in high regard, given his reputation for trauma counseling. Despite requests from Meredith, Richard did not override his decision to clear Meredith for surgery and advised Meredith to continue working him until he has assessed that Meredith was fit to return to surgery.


Dr. Perkins is a renowned attending psychiatrist, specializing in trauma counseling. Dr. Perkins usually offered his services on-site and would remain until his patients were cleared.

Dr. Perkins consulted at Seattle Grace Mercy West Hospital to clear the surgical staff involved in the hospital shooting. Once they were cleared, he referred Dr. Wyatt to oversee the case upon his departure, should any issues arise.

Eventually, Dr. Perkins was offered a permanent position at Landstuhl Regional Medical Center, located in Germany. After considering the offer, he accepted.

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • Meredith confirmed in dialogue to Cristina that Perkins is a psychiatrist.
  • Trauma counseling is a form of psychotherapy, and psychotherapy is practiced by psychiatrists.
  • Henry referred to him as a professional white knight on a horse.



Grey's Anatomy, Season 7

With You I'm Born Again · Shock to the System · Superfreak · It's a Long Way Back · White Wedding · I Will Survive · Unaccompanied Minor

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