Alyssa Cramer was a patient at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital.



Alyssa spent much of her childhood in braces and casts, having surgery after surgery trying to repair her arthrogryposis.

Decision to AmputateEdit

When she came back to the hospital to have scar revision in the hopes that that would reduce her pain, she told Drs. Torres and Robbins that she instead wanted them to amputate her legs and fit her with prosthetics so that she could live a more normal life. Her father was adamantly opposed to the idea. However, after speaking to Arizona about her personal experience as a parent and an amputee, he understood that what was best for Alyssa was to let them amputate her legs.



Herb CramerEdit

Alyssa is being raised by her single father. They seem to get along well, but they butted heads when she decided that she wanted her legs amputated to reduce her pain and give her a more normal life. She was elated when he agreed to let them do so.

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