Alice Moser is the mother of Tyler Moser.


Tyler's Car AccidentEdit

Alice's son, Tyler, who already had cervical spondylosis, was in a car accident, which further injured his neck. He had four spinal fusions to try to relieve his symptoms, but they were only temporary solutions.

Callie's PlanEdit

In order to find a solution that would be permanent, Callie came up with a three-day, three-part surgery which would relieve Tyler's symptoms. The plan was for them to remove the old hardware, then take down the scar tissue, and then implant the new cage. After his first surgery, his nerve function was tested every 30 minutes to make sure there was no nerve damage.

He was taken back in the next day for his second surgery. However, Callie was forced to close early and reframe her plan. She was able to find an alternate way to operate and despite some complications in his third surgery, the procedure was successful.



She is married to Gus Moser, though the two constantly fight. After his final surgery, their son, Tyler, told them to get a divorce because it was clear they hate each other.


She has one son, Tyler. After Tyler injured his neck in a car accident, she and her husband took care of him while he healed.