Al Keller is a member of the Keller family who came in when a few of its members were injured playing tug-o-war with a clothesline at a family reunion.


At a Keller family reunion, Al suggested that they play tug-o-war. They used a clothesline to play. The tugging motion led to Cash, Deedee, and Jane losing fingers. Frances Keller was also injured in the game when her hand was crushed.

The family went together to the ER, where the fingers were matched with their rightful owners. All the fingers were successfully re-attached and Frances was expected to regain full use of her hand after physical therapy. However, when Al tried to say that that it was good that they had family, his brother, Tony, punched him in the face, giving Al a nosebleed and possibly breaking Tony's hand.



He says he almost got married a few times, but he screwed it up each time.


He is very fond of his family. He's the one who planned the family reunion, saying it was becoming harder and harder each year to get the rest of them to come. To them, he's just annoying Uncle Al.