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Don't look at me like that. Like I'm damaged goods. I'm still me. I'm still here.
— Adele Webber

Adele Webber was the wife of Richard Webber. She died of a heart attack after a recent surgery. Adele had Alzheimer's. 


Early LifeEdit

Adele never went to the hospital much but on the occasions that she did, she got along very well with Derek Shepherd, Addison Forbes Montgomery, Miranda Bailey and Preston Burke. She has a sister (whom Richard hates) and a niece named Camille who has been diagnosed with ovarian cancer.

Richard's Brain SurgeryEdit

After the surgery to remove Richard's brain tumor, Derek called Adele to inform her about it, as Richard hadn't told her himself. Derek did it because having someone at home with him was the only way he was allowing Richard to leave the hospital, and so Adele ditched her trip to the Virgin Island to take care of her husband. When she came to the hospital to visit him, Addison stopped by too. Adele told them that she knew they'd get back together, but Derek denied this, saying he and Addison were over. ("Enough is Enough")

Richard's Anxiety AttackEdit

When Richard was dealing with the bomb scare at the hospital, he had what looked like a heart attack, so his wife was called. She refused to let him get out of bed and go back to work. ("As We Know It")

Camille's CancerEdit

Adele was chaperoning Camille's prom when Camille passed out while having sex. Adele came into the ER with her, where Addison broke the news to her that Camille's ovarian cancer had returned. When Richard sent her friends away, Adele yelled at him, saying he needed to make it up to Camille and put their family ahead of the hospital. ("Deterioration of the Fight or Flight Response")

Marital ProblemsEdit

Adele made an appointment to see her husband, knowing that's the only way she'd get some time with him. She was very upset when he left during their meeting time to deal with a hospital issue. When he returned later, she said it was time for him to retire, to choose her over the hospital. She was upset when he wanted time to think about it, saying she didn't have any more time to give. ("Time Has Come Today")

Richard later decided he was going to step down. He told the board and came to Adele's with flowers. However, she said she'd told him months ago she didn't have any time to give. She told him she was sorry, but wondered what he expected. ("Great Expectations")


Adele came into the ER after being in a minor car accident. While she was being examined, she confessed to Addison that she was pregnant. She had some spotting, so Addison wanted to keep her overnight for observation, but Adele later passed out in a bathroom with vaginal bleeding. ("Testing 1-2-3")

She was taken to the ER, where Addison examined her. Addison told Richard that Adele might be having a miscarriage. When Adele woke up, Addison did an ultrasound and was able to find a fetal heartbeat, though it was slow. She gave her a transfusion and fluids in the hopes it would help. However, Adele was later rushed to the OR. Addison did what she could, but she was unable to save the pregnancy. ("Didn't We Almost Have It All?")

After her miscarriage, she still wouldn't allow Richard to move back in and wasn't returning his calls. ("A Change is Gonna Come")

Camille's Decision to DieEdit

Adele came into the ER with Camille, who was unable to breathe. When they found out that her cancer had spread, Camille said she wanted to die, but Adele and Arlene begged Richard to convince her to have more treatment. He planned to, but backed off when he saw how tired and worn down Camille was. Adele was upset, saying she'd already lost one baby and now was losing another. Richard told her that she couldn't use Camille to make up for the fact that they never had children. ("The Heart of the Matter")

Date and TellEdit

When several of the nurses complained about Mark Sloan, Adele was brought on as a nurse mediator and worked with Wayne Sheehan to develop a Date and Tell policy to protect the hospital from potential litigation. She'd taken the job so that she could feel important. ("The Becoming")

Richard and Bailey's FightEdit

When Bailey decided to go into pediatric surgery, Richard became upset with her. As a result, Bailey called in Adele, who yelled at both of them. ("I Will Follow You Into the Dark")

Richard's AlcoholismEdit

Adele came into the hospital worried because Richard hadn't come home the night before and hadn't called. She thought something might have happened to him. When she saw the way Bailey interacted with Richard, she asked if they were having an affair. Bailey vehemently denied it, but Adele was still convinced he was having an affair with someone. ("New History")


Adele came into the hospital with a broken wrist and was confused about the events that led up to her fall. Meredith ran a CT, suspecting a head injury. The CT was clean, so Meredith suggested that Adele might have Alzheimer's. Richard flatly rejected the idea and took Adele home. ("Golden Hour")

Shortly after that, Adele came into the hospital after a second accident. She claimed she fell due to the shoes she was wearing, but Richard was concerned and asked Bailey to run tests to try to figure out the cause of her falls. Her tests showed nothing physically wrong with her, so Bailey told Richard he should get Derek to check Adele out. He then asked Derek to examine her. ("Not Responsible")

Derek ran some tests and diagnosed Adele with Alzheimer's. Richard begged Derek to include Adele in his Alzheimer's trial, though Derek said the trial and the waiting list were both full, plus they didn't even know if she fit the criteria for the trial. When Sonya Amin dropped out of the trial, Derek agreed to screen Adele for his trial. She scored one point too high to qualify, but still had Alzheimer's. ("This is How We Do It")

After seeing a post-it that had fallen off Richard's sweater that labelled him as Adele's husband, Meredith figured out that Adele's condition had quickly gotten worse. After a clinical trial patient died, they re-tested her and found that she met the criteria for the trial. After Meredith spoke with Adele and Adele mistook her for Ellis, Meredith realized how much worse she'd gotten. She joined the trial and had her surgery. After Richard told her that all he wanted was to be with Adele, Meredith went into the pharmacy where the packets were being kept and after finding out that Adele was designated to get the placebo, she switched the packet with another one so she'd get the active agent. ("It's a Long Way Back")

Richard, who took the blame for Meredith tampering with the clinical trial, stepped down as Chief of Surgery so he could spend more time with Adele although eventually Adele told Richard, thanks to a series of incidents that had inflicted physical damage on him, that she would like to go to Roseridge Home for Extended Care. Adele's Alzheimer's advanced so much that she barely remembered Richard anymore.


While Richard and Bailey were being driven to Bailey's wedding in a limo, Richard got a phone call from the hospital. They informed him that Adele was coming to the ER. Bailey then ordered the limo driver to bring them to the hospital immediately. Right after her arrival, she started to take care of Adele. Richard wanted to do it at first, but he wasn't allowed because he was a family member. ("Run, Baby, Run")

Bailey postponed her wedding, which led to Meredith coming back to the hospital to take over from Bailey. However, Bailey didn't want to leave Adele and they operated on her together. During surgery, they ran out of options, but Richard came with an idea that they used to successfully fix the aneurysm.

After surgery, Adele woke up. Richard stayed with her and Meredith and Bailey returned to the wedding. However, when Richard eventually showed up at the wedding as well, Meredith knew something was wrong with Adele. Richard told her she died of a heart attack because the surgery was too much for her heart. ("Things We Said Today")



Richard WebberEdit

Adele married Richard Webber when she was 25. She always knew about his affair with Ellis Grey but didn't leave him as she loved him and knew he would eventually end it, but she had finally had enough when Richard put his other hospital patients above her dying niece.

When Richard failed to return home on the night of the prom, she made an appointment to see him at the office, but was blown off because of another hospital emergency. It proved one too many, however, and she gave him an ultimatum: her or the hospital. Richard tried to avoid making the choice, but Adele was tired of his indecision, and left him.

When Dr. Richard Webber quit his job as the Chief of Surgery, he returned to Adele to find out that she had moved on and appeared to be involved with another man. She is in the process of divorcing Richard when she is involved in a small car accident, and is hospitalized. She reveals to Addison that she is pregnant. After being released, she faints in a bathroom and is found by Richard. It is discovered that she is having complications with the pregnancy and will have to undergo surgery. Despite the fact that he believes that he is not the baby's father, Dr. Webber stays at his wife's side even when she tells him to leave her be. This support eventually brings them back together. After the surgery, Adele loses the baby and tells Richard that the baby was indeed his and that there was never any other man in her life.

When Richard showed Adele that he was spending fewer hours at work and had even gotten himself an intern, they spent the night together. ("The Becoming")

He later told Adele he wanted to come home and she said it was about time. ("Freedom, Part 2")


While Adele is in the Roseridge Home for Extended Care, she meets Allan, another man who also has Alzheimer's. Since she doesn't remember Richard, she falls in love with Alan and they begin a physical and emotional relationship.


Adele used to be a nurse.

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • Adele has appeared in every season, except for the first one and presumably any after her death in the ninth season.
    • However, had episodes aired in the way they were produced, Adele would've been included in the first season and therefore every one until the tenth. Season One was originally supposed to include the first fourteen episodes of production, but was cut short.
  • She lost her virginity at the age of 18, but doesn't remember much about it. ("Deterioration of the Fight or Flight Response")



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