Adam Singer is a teenaged boy, admitted to Seattle Grace Hospital after a sporting accident.


Adam Singer was brought to Seattle Grace by his father and coach after receiving injuries while playing football. He was charging a receiver after kick-off but got blocked and his head held down. As a result, he couldn't see another guy coming and was hit.

At the hospital Derek Shepherd put Cristina and Lexie on Adam's case. While Adam was being treated, his father insisted he could have gotten past the man and Adam grew agitated so Derek asked his father to leave the room. After removing Adam's uniform they performed a CT and discovered that Adam was paralyzed.

Derek would not be able to operate without realigning the spine so they decided to do a halo traction. They would apply weights to a bar which was attached to a halo on his head. The weights would stretch his upper body so that his spine would go back to the right place.

When Cristina applied the weights, Adam's father tried to encourage his son by yelling that he could take the pain, however, Adam became stressed and started moving his head, afraid of the danger to himself that he would inflict, Cristina insisted his father leave the room.

Adam was brought into surgery and it went smoothly enough. When Lexie asked Dr. Shepherd if Adam would ever walk, he told her it wasn't impossible.

Later, Cristina watched Stanley stroke his son's hair apologetically.



His father is also his coach. As such, he often pushed Adam too hard.

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • Adam had been weight training since the age of eight.
  • Even after Adam and his father arrived to the ER, his father was still giving Adam a hard time for getting blocked.
  • The weights weighed twenty pounds.